That is in fact 12,586 Attack Power. (And just shy of 74% crit, but let’s chalk that down to master tactician and be on our merry way!)

But still, 12,586 ap. I think I capped at 8kish on Elam. For Darwinism (as survival for Putricide!), though, I had your very generic buffs:

  • 5592 Base Attack Power. (Not a buff, but I threw it out there because there’s no where else to put it.)
  • 300 from Dhawk
  • Gift of the Wild
  • Kings
  • Imp. Blessing of Might, 655 ap yeeea.
  • Arcane Brilliance
  • Fish Feast.
  • Horn of Winter
  • Trueshot Aura. Just because I find SV works better for me on Putricide does not mean our other hunters get similar results.

More important than the buffs though, I managed to stack a significant number of procs into one teeny space of time:

  • 320 AP from Furious Howl
  • 480 AP from Ashen Verdict ring
  • Around 615 AP from Expose Weakness (assuming it was going by the agility on my character sheet at that time)
  • 10% AP from Call of the Wild
  • 1200 Attack Power from Death Bringer’s Will. Not going to lie, I cannot get over how incredibly cool this trinket is. I’ll rave about it tomorrow when I have more time.

I also prepotted the pull and had Rapid Fire going, which was pretty fun. SV definitely has less burst than MM, but getting Lock and Load procs (that giant red Power Aura is telling me I have one, while the small orange power aura is my ring proc and the timer is my Deathbringer’s Will proc) at 12,586 ap is not something I’m going to sneeze at!

Unfortunately, despite my 5-10 seconds of godly attack power, we were not able to down Putricide tonight. Our closest attempt had him at 25k hit points. 25k. As in, a good kill shot. 😐 Next week we’ll one shot, totally! Until then, though, he’s perfected a plague that will destroy all life on Azeroth! Gird your loins.



Armor Penetration is a fun stat- everyone in the World of Warcraft knows this. People love to gear for armor penetration, gem for armor penetration, and brag about their armor penetration without actually knowing what it is, what it does, and how it works. They do know, however, that Armor Penetration is the most popular stat in the game right now, and that this means (of course!) that stacking it is the best idea. And I will not lie: People stack Armor Penetration to great success. Kripparrian, for example, was ArP capped with elixir+food last I checked, and is responsible for a number of highest-damage hunter parses throughout Icecrown Citadel. Because of players like Kripparrian, however, a lot of players stack Armor Penetration exclusively thinking it will make them more like the hunters tearing up WMO, without really undertstanding what they’re doing. I’m here to help with that.

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The Joys of Spreadsheeting.

January 22, 2010

All names have been changed for the purpose of protecting the innocent.

A few days ago, post Professor Putricide attempts, I happened to catch the tail-end of a conversation happening in guild chat. Lungblender, a rogue/officer of ours who seems to have a genetic disease that makes him incapable of speaking on vent, was speaking to xxArthasxx, a Death Knight officer/co-raid leader. (I don’t know the events leading up to this as I had just logged back online. :3) “Xxarthasxx,” Lungblender said, “the day you outdps a spreadsheet is the day I learn to play a priest.” Now, I’m not positive what Lungblender’s problems with priests are, especially since he could than cite a vow of silence as his reason for not talking on vent, but the rest of that sentence filled me with a joy only achieved during sex or a really good piece of chocolate cake. Because it’s true, and I’m glad to see that our melee lead gets it.

As many of us know, there is a veritable wealth of spreadsheets out there. Enhancement Shaman have Enhsim, Hunters have Female Dwarf, Rogues have excel spreadsheets found at Elitist Jerks, and a gigantic number of classes have at least some sort of use for Rawr. What’s surprising to me is that, with all the spreadsheets available, there is still a gigantic part of the World of Warcraft playerbase that refuse to utilize them to their advantage. This is stupid. Don’t do it.

World of Warcraft combat is math. Every Kill Shot you cast requires the game to calculate your attack power and multiply it by Kill Shot’s coefficient, multiply by relevant %Damage multipliers, calculate mob armor, calculate your armor penetration, recalculate mob armor based on your armor penetration, and more. (Not necessarily in that order or anything.) These formulas are known, and they’re set in stone. What this means is that the creator of spreadsheets know the exact formula the game is going to use for each of your abilities, and calculates your dps doing the exact same thing the game will do when you’re in combat.

Math doesn’t lie. If the spreadsheet says that gemming armor penetration is a dps loss, gemming armor penetration is a dps loss. It doesn’t matter that a bunch of hunters who aren’t you are doing it, or that it’s become the vogue stat of Wrath of the Lich King, or that you think by trying rly rly hard it will be a dps upgrade. If the spreadsheet says it’s a dps loss, it’s a dps loss.

So, I’m going to move on to a few frequently used arguments against using the spreadsheet.

A) Gear and proper spec don’t matter, all that matters is how well I play. For lack of a better word, this is the most retarded argument I’ve seen in a while. Here are the facts: If you play well, you will do good dps. If you gear/spec well while playing well, you will do better dps. See how that works? The fact that you’re trying to bring back Beast Master DPS because all it takes is playing well is a fun concept, but  if you were playing that well as Marksmanship you’d be better. All offense.

B) I tried out X spec on a dummy and it did less damage than Y spec, even though X spec is supposedly better. Thank you, Captain Obvious. Not all specs are created equal, and dummies are missing relevant raid debuffs that can make or break a spec. (For example, Enhancement Shaman scale with nearly every buff/debuff in the game, while Elemental scales with only the caster debuffs. This means that on a dummy with no debuffs, Elemental will likely pull ahead…if it wasn’t in a crappy state right now.) More important than debuffs, 5 minute dummy tests are not statistically accurate. Just because you have a 50% crit rate does not mean that in a 5minute test you’ll crit 50% of the time, and the fact that you got really lucky RNG when testing your Frostfire Bolt spec does not mean that it’s better for you than Arcane. Enhsim, for example, simulates dps over multiple hours of gameplay, meaning that nearly all RNG is hammered out of the equation, resulting in a more accurate simulated dps.

C) I tried X spec that the spreadsheet said was better, but I’m more comfortable in Y spec. This is actually a fine argument, but one you need to get over. Change is hard, and we’re resistant to it, but in the end that change will end up being better for you. If you’re worried about underperforming on Putricide attempts as Marksmanship because you’ve been Survival since you hit 80, that’s fine. Don’t spec MM for Putricide yet. Instead, run VoA10s/25s, pug ToCs, raid the test dummy, and practice on unconsequential first bosses of ICC as Marksmanship to familiarize yourself with playing the spec in raids that don’t matter. And, in a week or two when you’re feeling confident in your ability, then make the change.

There are more arguments, and I’m sure I’ll see a few in comments if people read this. However, I have to leave for work now, so I’ll save those for later and add them in. 😀

The Obligatory UI Post

January 22, 2010

It’s ironic, but I never did one of these for Elam.

I like this UI, mainly because I designed it all myself. There are a number of UIs I like more, but I play on a rather shitty computer with a not-huge monitor, so a lot of the more complex addon packages that people put up tend to be rather alien to me. Criticism is always welcome (and needed!) provided it’s respectful. I’m also quite aware that my keybinds are not as optimal as they possibly could be, but I’ve been hesitant to change them A)Because when I was playing Darwinism as an alt, it wasn’t necessary, and B) I have a Logitech G15 coming in the mail as a late Christmas present soon, and when that arrives I’ll be totally retooling my keybinds to make liberal use of the macro buttons.

Without further blathering, here’s the UI:

Click the picture to make it not tiny. 😛

I approached my ui with two big concepts in mind. A) I like symmetry. While specific things are not mirrored on both sides of the screen, both sides have a similar amount of information on them- one side isn’t bogged down while the other is free of stuff. B) Relevant information needs to be in the center. Cooldowns, Procs, Health, Who I’m targeting, Cast Bar, and (not pictured) Deadly Boss Mods bars are centered in the middle and bottom/middle of my screen. Why? Because that’s where my character is standing, allowing me to watch what I’m standing in while paying attention to the most vital information I need to continue DPSing. Going out from there is omen, which is just a short glance to the side. On the left side is TipTac, which is a detailed ToolTip addon which allows me to see a variety of information on mouseover- my favorite functionality of it is that it shows me who in the raid is targeting the same mob I’m moused over. Great for watching out for dastardly tunnel-visioning hunters and other unsavory sports. The farthest corners of my screen are: Bottom left is my chat, as it’s rarely needed while in combat. Bottom right is recount, which is useful for evaluating personal performance but not needed to be focused on in fight. Top left has Grid and (not pictured) my /range10 box, as Grid is mainly used for me to see who is dead and who isn’t, and my range finder is only needed in specific fights where I know to check it often. Top right is buffs, because I’m generally not staring to make sure I have blessing of might midfight, and I have powerauras set up for needed procs.

List of Addons pictured:

  1. Dominos for bars
  2. Prat is my chat addon.
  3. Omen
  4. Recount (Btw, don’t think the dps shown their is normal. I was hitting buttons trying to get procs and etc. to show off my power auras, not concentrating on priority and such. :P)
  5. TipTac for Tooltips
  6. Coolline and OmniCC. OmniCC provides large numbers down to the tenths of seconds for cooldowns, while CoolLine provides a visual reminder that the ability is coming off CD. I love them both.
  7. Grid, and GridStatusRaidDebuff
  8. Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text
  9. Deadly Boss Mods
  10. Pitbull. I had been using xperl until yesterday, but since 3.3 I’ve been plagued by critical errors while using it and gave up. Pitbull has me impressed so far.
  11. Quartz for cast bars. Provides me with a small GCD spark, an autoshot timer, and a Steady Shot cast bar that shows me when I can start casting my next ability due to latency. Excellent addon.
  12. PowerAuras. I can’t stress this addon enough. The auras I have set up are green semicircles that tell me the mob doesn’t have serpent sting on it, while the yellow one on the bottom tells me my ArP trinket has procced. Learn to love this addon.

That’s pretty much it. Hope you all enjoyed! I know my guild leader hates my ui, but hopefully she’ll see the rationale now. 😛

(As a forewarning, this is also my about page. Because writing something similar twice is just silly.)

My name is Darwinism, and I’m a female orc hunter from Durotar.

Actually, that’s a total lie. My name is Josh, and I’m a male human video game addict-turned college graduate-turned non-profit Teen Coordinator-turned-Creative Writing Instructor from the most wretched hive of scum and villianry the United States of America has to offer: Northern New Jersey, where we hold the records for air-pollution related cancer cases and the worst show on television. Ever.

More relevant to this blog than my state is my interest in a little video game known as “World of Warcraft,” where I play the orc Marksmanship-specced hunter Darwinism, whose name made infinitely more sense when she was Survival. Before Darwinism, I played Elam, the female orc (I know, it’s a trend. >.< Fuck good racials) Enhancement Shaman. As Elam, I was known for a number of things, such as writing the 3.1/3.2/(soon 3.3) Enhancement Raiding DPS Sticky, A Totem Eclipse of the Heart. Beyond that, I blogged regularly on my self-hosted website, Shaman On Ramen, as well as contributing to Big Hit Box, “The Definitive Melee Blog.”

However, as might be indicated from my use of the past tense, that’s all behind me (except for edits to the 3.3 sticky, which I do need to do!) You see, unfortunately, I’ve always been a hunter at heart. Be it 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons Scout and Rangers, Dragon Age: Origins Archery-specced rogues, and Elder Scroll’s: Oblivion’s Assassin, I’ve had an affinity for agile archers who prefer hit-and-run tactics to standing still and hurting things. World of Warcraft proved no different, with my first three attempts at characters all being hunters who eventually fell prey to my delete character button. For some reason (I’ll attribute it to ghost wolf at level 20, to be quite honest), my boyfriend’s suggestion of playing a shaman managed to stick, and the peculiar mix of spell damage and melee damage was enough to keep me interested.

Unfortunately for Elam’s case, the advent of faction transfers allowed me to make my forgotten 80 Draenei shaman a (I swear it’s for the racials!) female orc, and since then I’ve not really looked back. Elam was a fun character, and I really enjoyed my time spent on her struggling through low fps, unfortunately moving bosses, and being lost amid a torrent of other brawl fighters, but over the past few months I’ve become quite apathetic to even logging on her, whereas I looked forward to time spent on Darwin, even if it was just spent afk in cities. It’s very much a feeling of returning to my roots, and coming back to something I know.

With all of this terrible expositionary text out of the way, there is one thing I really want to make clear about this blog.

This is not a hunter blog. At least, not by itself.

To be quite honest, while the past 5 months were awesome, Shaman on Ramen was a bit of a failed experiment. While I failed at it, my intent for SoR was to try to keep almost every post Shaman related. For the most part, I was blogging simply to be a source of information and not to be a person, and that takes away from the fun of blogging. Darwinism is my main now, and will most likely be the focus of a large number of posts. However, I don’t want to restrict myself to posting about Darwinism. For that matter, I don’t want to restrict myself to posting about World of Warcraft- in fact, expect a few Dragon Age: Origins posts!) And, beyond both of those, I have a life. I have a boyfriend, a job, an adorable dog, and interests in Creative Writing and gender studies. (I throw these together because they have to do with what I studied in college: English major, gender studies/sociology minors.)

This lengthy about me/intro post done, I hope you enjoy the read. I’ll enjoy the writing!